How to Use Boomerang Gmail and Outlook

Boomerang for Gmail

How to Use Boomerang Gmail & Outlook


Boomerang – It helps you take control of Your Inbox

Are you overwhelmed by the many emails you receive and need to act on daily? If you are anything like me just staying on top of my inbox is a source of great frustration in life, especially if you are normally a highly organized person (code for OCD!).

There is just too much information we receive via email that we want to read and possibly keep.  We don’t always have the time to do so when we receive them. We also don’t want to delete them as the fear is missing out  (FMO) is real (so I am told!!)…Not to mention trying to recall the responses we are waiting on to the emails we have sent out.

If you are a Gmail or Outlook user there is a nifty little tool that can help you take control of your inbox and help streamline your workflow. This neat little extension can save you some time and I know that is what we all want. It is a browser (works on most) extension called boomerang. As the name implies it involves sending emails back to you  – what!! more emails? –  but wait before you leave, gloss over why this could help you take some control over your emails AND very well save you some time!

Just to mention there is both a free and a paid version, however, the benefits discussed below are all available with the free version – yippee!!

The Benefits of  Boomerang

It allows you to schedule when you want to send out or respond to messages. Working late at night but you only want to send the message in the morning? Maybe you have clients in different time zones? No problem, the scheduler makes planning ahead easy.

  • Sending emails that you need a response to? Boomerang allows you to see whether your email has been clicked on, opened, or replied to. This is basically like a read receipt. If the action you selected when sending out the email has not been acted on boomerang will return the email to your inbox in a time frame you specify – could be a day or a week, etc This makes it easier for you to follow up on again as you won’t have to rely on your memory all the time.
  • We all receive email invites to events, podcasts, webinars….the list goes on. These invites are understandably sent out quite long in advance. Bills are also usually sent out a few weeks before they are payable. For most people who have busy lives, it is not always feasible to accept the invite so long in advance (or pay the bill before it is due). Once again boomerang saves the day!  You can defer an email.  This is how: You can set it up that that particular email containing the invite can be sent to you at a more convenient time – like 1 or 2 days before the actual event. This will not only jog your memory about the event but you will be in a better position to know whether you want to actually attend it. And, best of all you can delete the original email from your inbox.

The above 3 features are available on each email you are working on so no need to do any techy setup beforehand.

  • Boomerang pause allows you to set it up that you only receive emails at certain times of the day. This is probably the most sensible feature when it comes to minimizing constantly being distracted by notifications of incoming messages all the time.

The pause function can be found on the main menu of Boomerang.  To access it click the icon in your browser and then settings.

In Conclusion

So, in conclusion, boomerang has a few handy features that can help remove some of the overwhelm from your email inbox. Sadly though it will not do the work for you but will definitely make life a little simpler. I urge you to spend a few minutes, give it a try, and tell all your Gmail friends about it.


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How to Use Boomerang Gmail


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