Hi, I’m Athena!


Athena DiakosI help people change their thinking (Mindset) so that they can change their lives. I truly believe it is the quality of your thinking that determines the quality of your life!

This blog is devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources that will provide you with hope, motivation, and inspiration to be a “Real Happy Human”.

If you are battling to get ahead with your desires, experiencing limiting thoughts, lacking self-confidence, dealing with sadness, bad habits, or lack of motivation – mindset tools and techniques WILL help you make positive changes.

My qualifications include BA (Hons) in Psychology and Personal development coaching whereas my working qualifications range from sales to bookkeeping to management.

Despite formal qualifications, I have experienced that it is rather through all life’s trials and blessings that real learning and growing happens. 

It is only through learning and using MINDSET tools and techniques that I have been able to change my life completely.

I am PASSIONATE about helping others do the same.

Feel free to contact me at info@athenadiakos.com with questions, comments, and suggestions.


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