How To Change Your Life Completely (7 Easy Steps)

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Change your life Completely

How To Change Your Life Completely (7 Easy Steps)


Having a blog about mindset means I’m a mindset junkie.

But luckily I’m not referring to addictive mind-altering substances but rather to motivational, positive, inspiring stories -stories that completely change lives.

I’m not just addicted to the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I read them. I’m mostly addicted to the hope and the proof that making any positive changes in your life will lead to your desired future.

Having personally used these exact steps I can attest that my life is confidently progressing in the direction of my perfect dream life.


Positive Life-Changing Stories

Any person on their journey to positively change their lives needs stories such as these because stories keep us motivated. They supply us with ideas of how to make positive changes. Mostly they keep us believing in ourselves when so often we are just so close to giving up and sinking back into a life of mediocrity.

No doubt if you reading this post you have heard the adage that states that if you want something find someone who already has what you want, and follow them.

For that reason, I love reading and sharing these short stories of inspiration from people, famous or not, who have the gift of sharing how making positive change not only impacted their lives but, in many cases, changed their lives completely.

The combination of personal elements and insights never fails to renew my faith and trust in “believing anything is possible ” and  to “never give up.”

These stories also leave us better off than when they found us.


Who is Blaine Bartlett?

Today I share an excerpt from a piece of writing by Blaine Bartlett. (I was introduced to him from Bob Proctor’s email newsletter, to which I subscribe to.)

Blaine is certified as an executive and organizational coach and is also certified as a Master Somatic Coach, and he is a  Bestselling Author. He coaches and consults worldwide with leaders, executives, companies, and governments. He has personally delivered programs to more than 300,00 individuals and has directly impacted more than one million people worldwide.



“It’s already happened…I just haven’t gotten there yet!”

How to Change Your Life Completely

I first read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich in the 1960s but I hadn’t studied it. So, I started to truly study it as well as Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul that I read over and over. I began playing with my imagination and thought about what kind of future I really wanted and what mindset and new paradigms would best contribute to that future. I started to pay attention, imagine possibilities, and intentionally practice new ways of thinking and acting that I felt were in alignment with the new future I wanted to manifest and experience. That future included a new love who would fully embrace my family in such a loving way that they too felt invited to move forward, it included laughter and family vacations, and it included a reinvigorated passion for my work. The one thing I did not do was spend a lot of time trying to figure out how all of this was going to happen. I truly trusted that spending focused time vividly imagining and feeling in my bones that this new future was real was the key to its manifesting. And, this wasn’t idle time spent contemplating my navel. I was in action; I was moving. The Sufis have a way of describing this kind of action as “effortless efforting.”

Rather than being preoccupied trying to figure out “how” this was going to happen I trusted the “how” would become clear to me if I followed my heart. I experimented. I wasn’t attached to any “way” producing any specific outcome. There were some dead ends and false starts but they were all part of the process. One of the absolute keys for me was joining a couple of small masterminds to help with the process. They were invaluable (and continue to be today). They helped me identify what I’d never considered which set me up to practice and integrate new ways of thinking into my daily routines. These new practices slowly began to replace and modify the mindset that was and new possibilities began to appear. As my life began to expand and grow in new directions so did the lives of my family. As they saw and felt me moving forward without moving on, they began to move forward from their own grief. It’s said that time heals. Yes, it does and with intention, focus and discipline, time can be sped up.

The ten years since Pam’s death have been extraordinary. Like the Phoenix rising, a new life and world have appeared. I met and married an absolutely amazing woman and partner, Cynthia Kersey. My kids, grandkids and extended family members love her. She truly entered my and our lives with grace, gratitude, and love. Being open to the experience of loving and being loved again was important. I let go of notions of “appropriate” grieving time and I welcomed what my heart wanted knowing that defaulting to love is always inclusive and empowering. Cynthia was and is a foundational part of realizing the experience I now have of my life. None of us builds our lives by ourselves. Everything is a relationship and the quality of my relationships truly does become the quality of my experience of life. Other new relationships formed, existing relationships transformed, new business opportunities appeared, and with them, new opportunities to do that which I most love to do – teach.

A new mindset of moving forward was truly the catalyst that enabled me to experience and create what I have today. Developing that mindset wasn’t accidental and it wasn’t left to chance. It was intentional. I took action while being attentive to existing relationships and was careful to not be constrained by them. What did my heart want? What would I love? Elegance – doing things in ways that result in little to no unintended consequences – became my litmus test. I was and still am on an amazing journey informed by “what would I love?”

I invite each of you reading this to consider the hidden power of your mindset. All of your results are the consequence of your mindset. When I set out to rebuild my life I didn’t start with how. I started by looking inward and wondered what would I love. I thought about what needed to be left in place, let go of, or learned anew. This isn’t a journey for the faint of heart. Changing a mindset is hard work. As the saying goes, “if it were easy everyone would do it.” I found people and a mastermind group to support me on my journey to what was possible. Find your people, explore a mastermind, and begin your journey to a future that is worthy of who you are.

7 Steps to Change Your Life Completely

I hope you share my sentiments as to what a deeply personal, touching, and uplifting story this is.

In summary here are the 7 steps that show you how to change your life completely:

  • Look inward and decide what you really, really want. What would you love? In order to make positive change sustainable, your desires must be in alignment with your values.
  • Be prepared to let go of some things that no longer serve you.
  • Make the decision to commit to the practice. Do the required positive mindset work as outlined in the step below- Realize that mindset work is not accidental or should be left to chance – it takes learning, dedication, focus, discipline, and intentional ways of thinking and acting.
  • Set up daily routines such as goal setting, visualization, affirmations, reading, and writing.
  • Accept dead ends and false starts as part of the process – you need to trust the process.
  • Do not be preoccupied with the “how of things” – there is no specific “way” a desire can manifest in your life so practice detachment and rather focus on the unquestionable belief.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people – be it friends, masterminds, or a coach.


Please, feel free to check out Blaine’s website here if you are interested in Leadership coaching.


What to do next

As Blaine states “all results in life are a consequence of your mindset “.

There is never a better time than right now to start creating the future you really want.


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How To Change Your Life Completely (7 Easy Steps)



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