10 Words that Can Change Your Life for the Better

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10 Words that Can Change Your Life for the Better


Words have creative power

Words are the start of all creation so it’s wise to learn whether you unwittingly use them to create lack and limitation or instead use them to open up to abundance in your life.

As an example the Aramaic word “Abracadabra”, a word often associated with stage magic, when translated means, “I will create as I speak”.

Words have power. They can unify people. They transmit. Words are the bridge between the Divine and the human story. They translate the infinite into the finite.

Words are the code for your story. They are so powerful that they can change your DNA.

My hope is that understanding what words you choose – your vocabulary –  will help you reconstruct your narrative so that it reflects your authentic identity.

Choosing new words as discussed in this post have the power to change your relationship with money, with your friends and partners, help you find your right work in the world, create more well-being in your life, deepen your spiritual connection, heal ancestral memories and transform your DNA.


How does this work?

Firstly, by shifting your language from that which disempowers you shift to language that helps you to feel good about yourself instead. Then as you start feeling different and better about yourself you will also notice you will have more clarity, you will experience more harmonious relationships, and you will feel more passion and purpose.

Every aspect of your life can change just by shifting the words you use.

Below is a list of words that can change your life by either empowering you or disempowering you so make the highest choice to create the life you want


* I can’t afford it

With this statement, you are focusing on what you don’t have and what is not possible.

Instead of focusing on limitations rather focus on possibilities and choice.

You do this by instead using the phrase It’s not a financial priority for me right now. This removes the resistance by giving you the power of choice

Example: I no longer believe that I can’t afford XXX anymore, instead, I know that XXX is not a financial priority at the moment.

Doesn’t that feel so much more expansive?


* I don’t want

The Law of attraction teaches us we get more of what we focus our attention/energy on therefore focusing on what you don’t want will just give you MORE of what you don’t want.

Rather choose words that help you attract that which you DO want.

Reframe this to the opposite of what it is and say I prefer.

 For example, instead of I don’t want to be overweight say, I prefer to stay fit and healthy.

Doesn’t it feel better when you are in the driver’s seat of choice?


* I can’t wait

This phrase tells the universe you are feeling lack and impatience.

This also implies you are not satisfied with the present moment and this creates a feeling of anxiousness in the body that you might not even consciously be aware of.

Changing this statement to I look forward instead changes your vibration from one of lack and impatience to one of excitement.


* I have to

This phrase implies we are stuck doing something therefore it feels like an obligation and that we have no choice in the matter.

But we ALWAYS have a choice in life. 

Instead, use I get to which changes your perception to one of freedom and appreciation instead.

For example, instead of I have to go to work you can change it to I am so grateful I get to pay my bills and buy what I want and need.

Doesn’t that feel easier to deal with?


* I should

Should not only leaves you feeling stuck in roles you think you should be playing but also carries the feelings of guilt and shame for all the “shoulds” we should be doing.

Changing this to do I want or do I need to? or what are my options? gives you back your CHOICE.

Rather than feeling you are forced to do what you think is right or expected of you you take back your power and show up as free and in charge of your own life.

Powerful stuff.


* I Should have/I really shouldn’t have…..

We all beat ourselves up or regret things we have done, not done, said, or not said.

Using the phrases I should or I shouldn’t have keeps up stuck in the past with feelings of guilt and shame.

But we are all here to learn and grow and the best way to do this is by learning from our past mistakes.

So let go of these phrases and instead acknowledge your perceived mistakes by saying I learned X OR Y or this or that by that experience.

Stop beating yourself up and bring your attention back to the person you are in the present precisely because of your past.

Example: I should never have dated him/her. Reframe to I learned XXX from dating him/her.


* Always

It’s impossible to ALWAYS do or be the same thing ALL THE TIME.

This is disempowering and it doesn’t give you leeway to show up as the always-changing dynamic person you are.

For example, saying things like I always make mistakes or I always choose the wrong partners is not true.

Instead, change it to I sometimes

I sometimes make mistakes or I sometimes choose the wrong partners.

This leaves room for you to acknowledge that you can always change and grow as a person instead of remaining in victim mode.

The same applies to words such as every time, no one, everyone, everything, all the time, and never.


* Don’t 

Once again the law of attraction states that you will get back that which you focus on…so in this case, you will get back more of that you don’t want.

Don’t forget, don’t worry will only get you more worry and forgetfulness.

Instead, use remember to – so instead of don’t worry say to yourself I remember to trust that it will be ok

Once again focus on what you DO WANT to get more of that.


* Try

“Try”  is an excuse to get out of something and is very noncommittal.

You either do or you do not do it. If you don’t want to do something then don’t do it.

Rather saying I have the ability to XXX  or I am committed to XX shows it’s your choice and your commitment and therefore from this empowering state you are far more likely to succeed.


* The Problem is…

Using this phrase means that whatever you perceive as not ideal is already loaded with the energy of the problem.

As long as it is perceived that way it will seem hard if not impossible to change. Instead, your focus should rather be on the belief that there is always a solution to….  

When you look at your perceived problems through this lens instead you are using a different type of thinking instead of the thinking that created the problem in the first place.


To summarise the words that changed my life:

  1. I can’t afford it – It’s not a financial priority for me right now
  2. I don’t want – I prefer
  3. I can’t wait – I look forward
  4. I have to – I get to
  5. I should – I want, do I need to / or what are my options?
  6. I should have/shouldn’t have – I learned
  7. I Always – I sometimes
  8. Don’t – I remember to
  9. Try – I have the ability to, I am committed to
  10. The problem is – there is always a solution to 

Give these words that can change your life a try and leave a comment if this helps you.


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