How to Create Affirmation Cards that Work

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how to create affirmation cards

How to Create Affirmation Cards That Work


Believe it or not what we think and how we talk to ourselves will make a difference as to how we feel about ourselves- and ultimately how we behave.

In fact, studies by the National Science Foundation say that we have between 12 000 and 60 000 thoughts a day of which up to 85% of them are actually negative (and mostly repetitive) -and usually directed at ourselves!

There are many tools we can use to help steer our mindset in a direction that is more helpful to our mental well-being.

One good way to take charge of your mindset is to make use of affirmations. More specifically how to reach your goals faster by creating and using affirmations the right way.

There are many ways to create affirmations for yourself – there really is no absolute right or absolute wrong way. There is however more chance of affirmations working for you if they are created right.


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Do Affirmations work?

Perhaps you have tried affirmations before and gave up before you saw any results.

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Perhaps the goal you set was unrealistic (losing 100 pounds in a month)
  • Perhaps you weren’t clear enough about what it is you wanted to achieve ( make money instead of making $10 000 per month)
  • Perhaps intellectually you wanted the goal but emotionally you weren’t able to “feel” that you could ever achieve it (if you aren’t able to “feel” like its already yours you need to rethink the goal)
  • Remember affirmations are not goals per se – they are the “belief” component of your ability to achieve everything you are committed to working towards in your life


Why do Affirmations work?

Affirmations are not wishful thinking or just stating your goals in a wishful thinking kind of way.

They use the power of Neuroplasticity. Simply put this means when you repeat things to yourself (positive or negative ) enough times it will eventually create new and different neural pathways in your brain. So when done often and consistently affirmations will change thoughts of doubt and fear to thoughts of confidence and boldly taking action.

So before you give up or stop using them give the following a try:


How to Create Affirmation Cards the right way

Use these basic but necessary steps when creating affirmations:

  • They should be used in the present tense, for example, I am so happy and grateful now that….
  • Only use positive statements. For example, instead of saying I want to lose 10 pounds create an affirmation that states I have lost 10 pounds.
  • Not only should you say the words, but you should also “feel” the emotion of actually having achieved that which you are affirming. Use “emotionally charged”, powerful words such as wonderful, blessed, grateful, inspired, joyful, etc to achieve this.
  • Affirmations can be any length but the shorter they are the more likelihood of you remembering them and repeating them. Affirmations should be believable to you. Creating an affirmation that is “impossible”  to your way of thinking will not work.
  • Writing affirmations down on little cards or post-it notes where they are easy to see will increase the chances of you remembering to use them. Using them as screen savers is also a good idea.
  • As a bonus tip, you can set a reminder on your phone to go off every hour – then spend a few minutes each hour to do your affirmations. Doing an affirmation once or twice will not work. Constant and consistent repetition is needed.


Using Questions for Affirmations

This method of “Afformations” was developed by Noah St John.

It works on the premise that you have a belief gap between your current situation (current perceived reality )and your desired situation (new desired reality).

By formulating a question that links the two realities, it will be easier to accept the question as truth as opposed to it just being a statement about some future result, you possibly don’t feel comfortable with or don’t believe as yet.

For example, say your goal is to lose 20 pounds.

An Affirmation stated as a Statement: I am so happy and grateful now that I am at my ideal weight or:

An Afformation posed as a Question: Why am I getting into shape so easily?

Can you see in the above example how it would be easier to accept the question (as you are still busy with the goal) and therefore easier to take action on the new assumption?


Examples of DIY Affirmation Cards You can Create


  • I love and accept others exactly are they are right now
  • The door to my heart opens inward
  • I move through forgiveness to love



  • I am a magnet for all good because I choose to think positively
  • I love and approve of myself and others
  • I truly believe that we are here to bless and prosper each other
  • I believe in myself. I am successful. I am worthy. I am wealthy. I can do this



  • My body is a mirror of my inner thoughts and beliefs
  • I love and approve of myself and easily choose thoughts that nourish me



  • Life supports me in wondrous ways
  • Life loves me
  • I am safe in the universe which fully loves and supports me



  • I have not experienced the relationship I want but am giving off the right energy to attract my soulmate.
  • The cosmic welcome mat is now open. I know and trust my perfect soulmate is on my way to me.


Business and Money

  • I live in the solution, not the problem
  • I attract business builders to my business.
  • Money is the effect of creating and delivering value to others



I am so happy and grateful now that _____________ (insert the desired outcome as if you have already achieved it).



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What to do next

The whole world is going through trying times right now with many people finding themselves isolated and possibly with far too much “thinking” time on their hands. It’s easy in these challenging times to give in to the fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of when it will be over. Also, another concern is what will “normal” life look like on the other side of this pandemic.

Care should be taken of our physical well-being and our mental well-being.

Challenging situations often make it easier for us to focus on the negative as opposed to the positive. Creating and using affirmation cards is just one tool amongst many that can be used to ward off negativity.

So go ahead and get busy creating your DIY ideal affirmation cards.


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How to Create Affirmation Cards That Work



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