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One of the Golden First Keys to Success (And How to Master It)


What is the First Key to Success?

Anyone on the path of self-development growth would be interested in the “magical” first key to success. Although I would love to provide you with a quick fix and fantastical off-the-bat answer – there is not one. Sorry.

There is however one answer that is true and accurate of successful people – they set goals!

“Oh no not that again”  you sigh!

Here’s the thing – successful people are excited by goal setting. They enjoy the challenge. For example, inventing the light bulb was Thomas Edison’s goal – breaking the 4-minute mile was Roger Bannister’s goal.

Where would we be without persistence and challenge?

Do you want to succeed at something? You need to set goals.

In this post, I cover beliefs about success, why goal setting is important, the best process of setting goals, and the difference between goals and fantasies.

But first…..


What do you believe about Success?


The First Key to Success is…..Goal Setting

Why is goal setting the first key to success?

On the one hand, left to our own devices most of us humans are wishful thinkers or eternal optimists – we hope to win the lotto; beat the stock market; we hope we get the job promotion just because we worked hard or we hope we get the perfect partner just because we workout daily.

We told it’s positive to think “Things will just get better”…

On the other end of the spectrum are those individuals who just don’t believe they are meant for anything bigger, better, or brighter because of their upbringing, age, genetics, bank accounts, or  (fill in the blank) – so they don’t even try setting goals.

Read any personal or self-development book and it will tell you how setting goals is always the first step to taking control over your life and your future.

But very few do it, why?

Because it takes work. It takes commitment, time, belief and energy. Sometimes it requires sacrifice. Sometimes we fail. Sometimes we fail more than once. Sometimes we just can’t handle the disappointment.

But the first key to success starts with setting goals.

Without them we wander aimlessly through life, doing meaningless uninspiring jobs and entertaining ourselves endlessly with mind-numbing substances and media. We keep ourselves busy but we feel the mediocrity – the lack of success.

We look to the outside world to fill our voids and make us happy.

Our lives are devoid of passion and sometimes meaning….we desperately, silently wish our lives could be different.

So, that is why the key to success first starts with setting goals for yourself.


the first key to success

How is Goal Setting one of the First Keys to Success?

We can define goals as “objects of a person’s ambition” or an aim at some “desired result.”

So goals separate those who have ambition and desires for more, from those who rather choose to just amble along in life.

Goals are really just ” committed decisions” + ACTION.

Goals let us dream, but we are in charge of these dreams.

For this reason, most of us have some goals set out for ourselves to improve our lives either personally or professionally.

Without goals, as discussed above, there’s not much room for advancement, and without the challenge of reaching a goal you’ve set for yourself, life would be stagnant. Passionless. Maybe even boring.

Think Groundhog Day!

Without a goal, you can’t be successful. It’s like wanting to scuba dive without oxygen – it can’t be done.


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The Difference between Fantasies and True Goals

This video is 23 minutes long – add it to “watch later” if you are short of time now.

If you are not familiar with the work of Dr. Dermartini – you NEED to hear this before you set another goal.




The SMART Process of Setting Goals for Success

The process in which we set goals for ourselves matters.

You are responsible for whether you follow through with the goals you’ve set for yourself,  but how you set them has a hand in determining how successful you’ll be in achieving them.

The term SMART Goals refers to a process in which you set the goals that will give you greater success.

SMART is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound. This method will help you with your organization, focus, and clarity with your goals.

Research has shown that using the SMART goals method can save you time and simplify reaching your goals. SMART goals are easy to implement and can be used by anyone with the desire to improve their life by setting and achieving goals.


How to Set SMART Goals for Success

The SMART Goals method of goal setting works because it lays each step out for you.

The S stands for specific, meaning the goal needs to be clear and specific. When setting a goal for yourself, you must steer away from generalized statements. The more precise the goal is the better.

M is for measurable. Measurable goals refer to tracking your progress. Your goal will be easier met if you can assess progress along the way, giving you more motivation and focus toward your ultimate ambition.

The A is attainable. Although your goals should help stretch you outside of your comfort zone and push you to the next level, it’s important that the goals you set remain achievable.

R, relevant goals are imperative to your success. This means that the goals you set should be important to you and align well with your life and other goals you have set.

Finally, T, for time-bound. Your goals should have a deadline to achieve them. This will help keep you on track and focused and give you opportunities to celebrate your small wins along the way.

By implementing the SMART Goals system, you will gain the ability to achieve your goals, faster and with a higher success rate.


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To sum up

Any form of success is available to you if you are willing to start by using one of the first keys to success which is by setting SMART goals (not fantasies!). That means being clear and realistic with what you really want, taking action, tracking, and being accountable every step of the way.

PS. As Dr Demartini mentions having a mentor or coach is one of the best things you can do to ensure your success. I cannot recommend this program highly enough!


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One of the Golden First Keys to Success (And How to Master It)



Key to Success







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