The 5 Best Crystals for Meditation and Healing


Crystals used for meditation


The 5 Best Crystals for Meditation and Healing


Why Meditation?

The whole point of mindfulness meditation is to bring you into a state of non-judgmental awareness.

By focusing on your breath and using prompts (such as crystals) to keep your awareness in the present, a regular mindfulness meditation practice will help you transcend that old monkey mind tug-of-war between anxiously anticipating what might happen in the future, and mulling over past hurts and actions.

Meditation is a way to keep you focused in the present moment, no matter what else is happening around you or what you’re doing.

You may or may not find Nirvana, but you can find your inner peace.

You can start with as little as five minutes a day. But, make sure you get into a regular habit of meditating every day. Studies show that meditating regularly for even twelve minutes a day can provide all the mental and physical health benefits you are probably after.

Starting today, you can make a positive commitment to building mindfulness meditation into every aspect of your life. 

This article will cover crystal healing benefits in your meditation practice and 5 different crystals that are conducive to meditation.



The Benefits of Using Crystals in Meditation Practices

Meditation is one of the techniques used in daily success rituals by anyone on the personal development growth path. Meditating takes time and practice to master.

Although there are many forms of meditation the main goal of meditation is often to clear your mind.

However, those who experience anxiety and depression, usually find it difficult to clear their minds. Running thoughts interrupt their ability to meditate.

Using crystals in meditation practice helps in channeling these thoughts into the crystal. By releasing your thoughts, this aids in clearing the mind.

Crystals can be used by beginners and experienced meditators to hold the intention for their meditation.


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How Meditating with Crystals Benefits You

Using a crystal in meditation acts as a visual aid to clear the mind or hold an intention for your meditation. If you consider how a stuffed animal helps a child feel comforted when upset, a crystal works in a similar way.

When a person who experiences anxiety has running thoughts, it can be hard to keep the mind from focusing on these thoughts.

By holding a crystal in meditation, they can channel their running thoughts into the crystal. The solid object of the crystal offers comfort and unique vibrational qualities to the meditator.

Crystals also act as intention holders.

If, for instance, the focus of the meditation is to heal grief, setting the intention to release grief into the crystal helps to bring about this desired outcome. The crystal then acts as a witness to the meditation. This takes the responsibility off the individual to release grief by themselves.

The comfort that comes from the crystal helps them release the grief more easily.


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5 Best Crystals for Meditation Practices

  • White Quartz

White quartz crystals hold a unique vibration from other crystals and are widely used in a variety of healing works. The clearer the crystal, the more it can help with a master healing vibration.

White quartz crystals are often very pure in energy and are able to find energy blockages. By using them in meditation, you can find that channeling thoughts to them will also help in releasing these thoughts from your mind.

Once you channel the negative or running thoughts from your mind, you are able to think more clearly and are better able to clear your mind in meditation.


  • Selenite

Selenite’s naturally calming vibration also helps in releasing negative and running thoughts from the mind.

One thing that is different from selenite is that it carries protective energy that keeps other people’s energy from affecting yours.

Its energy can act as a barrier, keeping other people’s energy out of your space.

Most people who experience anxiety and depression find themselves thinking of the past or future events that involve other people.

By using selenite, the crystal helps to release these thoughts to focus on the present.


  • Blue Agate

Blue agate is a natural healing stone that helps to calm the mind and emotions.

The stone’s pale blue color and smooth ripples in appearance give the impression of water, which is part of the reason why this stone is recommended for meditation.

It is helpful during meditation to provide enough calmness to the individual to focus on clearing their thoughts. It can also provide a relaxing feeling.

The Blue agate crystal is known to help relieve a person experiencing anxiety and depression and temporarily for them to practice meditation.



  • Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz activates the heart (fourth) chakra and promotes positive energy.

It enhances all types of love: self-love, love for others, and unconditional love. It is also used to help raise your self-esteem, restore confidence, and balance emotions.


  • Garnet

Crystal healers believe garnet is beneficial for providing energy and regeneration of the body.

It reduces depression as it ensures that energy is flowing smoothly throughout your body. This in turn helps you feel grounded, secure and safe. 



Affirmations to Use with Crystals

Using Affirmations is another technique we can use to help train our minds to stay in the present moment when meditating with crystals. These affirmations are specifically designed to be used when using crystals and meditation together:


  • I am releasing negative thoughts to make space for stillness
  • I am comforted and protected while I meditate
  • As I hold this crystal, my mind releases negative and running thoughts
  • I am channeling stillness into my meditation
  • I am channeling my thoughts into my crystal and letting go of all I need to
  • I am practicing stillness in my meditation and holding the intention to let go


Last words on Meditating with Crystals

Meditation in any form is a skill that has so many benefits for you, both physically and mentally. Even though it might seem intimidating at first I suggest you really try and include it in your daily self-care ritual.

Meditating with crystals has added benefits especially if you are new to trying to silence the mind or are more prone to anxiety and depression.

I hope you found these 5 best healing crystals for meditation informative however if you are interested in going more in-depth with this subject I refer you to “How to Meditate with Crystals: Getting Started, Methods, Types”


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The 5 Best Crystals for Meditation and Healing





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