How to Improve Your Focus 2023

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how to improve your focus 2021

How to Improve Your Focus 2023


In today’s technological world, we are constantly bombarded by so many distractions it’s no wonder you are having a hard time focusing. 

In this post, I share 3 tips on how to handle the distractions that prevent you from focusing and how using meditation can help you train your brain to improve your focus.


Taking Control Of Distractions
Distractions cost us time. They keep us from getting work done. They keep us from spending quality time with our loved ones. They can be incredibly frustrating at times.

After a day full of distractions, you’re ready to say, “Enough is enough” and start taking control. You’re ready to do something about it, but where do you start?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Distractions will only happen if you let them. That’s right. You’re the one that’s in control and you can cut most daily distractions out of your life.


Step 1 – Become Aware Of The Distraction

We’re so used to distractions these days, that we don’t even notice them anymore.

Do you realize that your smartphone is distracting you with alerts several dozen times a day?

Do you realize that someone walking by your open office door, or stopping in to let you know there are donuts in the break room is causing a distraction?

The first step to taking control of distractions is becoming aware of them. Start paying attention and create a running list of things that distract and disrupt your day.


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Step 2 – Evaluate The Distraction

For every distraction, you’re paying a price.

Usually, that price is paid in time and it may be more time than you think it takes.

Once you are aware of a distraction, you have to make a decision. Is it worth keeping or not?

Having your email program open at all times means you get distracted every time the “new mail” alert pops up. Is it worth the distraction, or can you live with only checking your emails twice a day?

Go through your list of distractions and decide if it’s something you have to have, or if you can eliminate the distraction and live without it.

You may be able to live with checking email only twice a day but decide to keep text message alerts on because it’s important your spouse or your child’s school can reach you in case of an emergency.


Step 3 – Remove The Distraction

Last but not least, it’s time to cut out the distractions that you don’t have to live with.

In some cases, this will be simple.

You decide to keep your email program closed and uninstall the social media or mobile game app from your phone.

Other distractions can be a little more difficult to deal with such as discouraging co-workers from coming by to chat during high productivity hours or getting yourself out of the habit of checking your phone every fifteen minutes or checking in on Facebook.

Start by eliminating the easy distractions and then continue to do what you can to get rid of more and more of the rest of them.

It won’t take long before you are starting to feel more in control and are getting more done than ever.


Train Yourself for Focus

Here’s how you can start to train yourself to stay focused for longer and longer periods of time.

Start blocking off small chunks of time in your schedule for highly productive work.

During that time, take your phone off the hook, close your door, and get rid of any distractions you can think of. Set a timer and get to work, not allowing yourself to break for any reason.

Work as concentrated as you can until your timer goes off.

Rinse and repeat several times throughout the day.


Using Meditation to Focus

We all know someone who takes on the practice of meditation.

For some people, it’s a daily practice, while for others, it’s just for emergencies, but it seems like it might be a waste of time for many of us.

Perhaps, even a “bit out there.”

Can you become one of the masses and take on the practice of meditation, as well?

Does it sound like it’s too time-consuming and not worth the trouble?

If you think this way, you’ll be in for an extremely pleasant surprise. Not only is meditation most certainly worth the time and effort, but the rewards will speak for themselves.

There are so many benefits to meditation that will delight and surprise you.


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In closing

If you’re tired of being distracted and feel like you’re falling behind in life or work, you have to learn how to remove the distractions from your life.

You have to train yourself to improve your focus and work in focused chunks of time.

Adding a tool such as meditation to help you train your brain for focus is a skill you will be glad you learned how to do.

Even with just 10 minutes a day, you will immediately see how it improves your focus.

Here’s to a More Focused and Successful You!


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How to Improve Your Focus 2023


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