How to Transform Your Life Free Now

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How to Transform Your Life Free…Now


Ever wonder why…

Personal growth can take years…but awakening is instant?

Maybe because personal growth focuses on ‘fixing’ what you ‘think’ you are…

While awakening opens you up to what you REALLY are.

Which sounds more exciting?

Well, if you prefer ‘awakening’, I’ve got a special gift for you:

Our friends at You Wealth Revolution have a FREE energy cleansing gift and special event that can begin to restore your aura and release negative energy… in just a few minutes! 

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New Energy – New You


This incredible new Soul Spa 2.0™ and 741 Hz download works to cleanse your aura and release toxic stress, worry and old anchors…

It’s all part of a special event call ‘New Energy – New You’.

During this online event, the world’s top energy healing and life transformation experts will conduct daily live energy healing calls with hundreds of life-changing energy processes.  You’ll discover:

HOW to MANIFEST from your ‘unique’ energy field to rapidly attract the things you truly desire.


How to LIVE your best life no matter what’s happening in the ‘new not normal’ of world events…


How to EXPERIENCE true abundance and joy no matter the challenges around you…


FREE daily ‘SOUL HEALING’ and the newest energy transmissions to live your ‘best life’ now


It’s the biggest energy healing event of the year – best of all it’s FREE from your home!


Receive your free audio download and discover more about the Free ‘New Energy – New You™’ event now


P.S. Why is this 5 Star Event Different? (★★★★★)

Founder and host Darius Barazandeh picks and invites only the highest-quality teachers, healers and masters.  I’ll be there too!


(Here’s what past attendees have said):

“Absolutely I cannot count the ways I have changed…
became so much calmer and happier”

“Gradually everything changed by listening… finances, relationships and health”
“OMG …where to begin. EVERY aspect of my life has changed”
“I’ve changed from being totally stressed…to being CALM”
“I have found a JOY and a peace I never thought was possible”

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How to Transform Your Life Now






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