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Money Affirmations


100 Positive Affirmations to Manifest Financial Freedom Fast


Can using money affirmations really change your financial situation?

I too was skeptical at first but the more I learned about positive energy and money flow the more my financial life began to change for the better.

Powerful money affirmations will help you to reframe your attitude toward money and plant that all-important law of attraction in your mind, so you can subconsciously become a money magnet and attract everything you want.

In this blog post, we will explore:

  • why it is indeed possible,
  • how to know whether you have a scarcity mindset (in that case these affirmations are definitely worth using),
  • how to create your own affirmations that work fast,
  • some ready-to-go money mantras that you can start using right away to start developing your positive money mindset.


Are Affirmations Really Effective?



Why Positive Money Affirmations Are an Excellent Way to Reach Finacial Freedom

The first step to understanding is that every thought you think or word you speak is an affirmation.

Affirmations are statements to the universe, about how you see and feel about yourself and the world around you.

The concept seems simple enough …

…until you realize that what you habitually think and say, both negative and positive words, is what you internalize and make a part of your reality.

This applies to everything …

…..whether it be your financial dreams, whether you have a healthy relationship, whether you are able to create new opportunities in your life etc.

If you have not done any mindset work before then you will not be aware of  …..

…what you are continually saying to yourself when you are thinking thousands of repetitive thoughts a day is actually creating your future self – this is how the law of attraction works.

Often it’s just old-rehashed thoughts and ideas that were programmed into your mind when you were younger or beliefs you have “picked up” from mainstream society.

For example:

  • Money does not grow on trees 
  • Money is tight
  • Life is so expensive
  • I will never be able to afford that
  • Money is a limited resource
  • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer
  • Money is the root of all evil
  • I’m not motivated enough to succeed
  • We might be poor but we’re happy
  • I don’t know anything about money and finances
  • You can’t get rich doing what you love 
  • I am not clever enough to get rich
  • I am too young/old to get wealthy
  • When I get rich, my friends won’t like me anymore

These negative thoughts and feelings about money have to STOP!

These are limiting beliefs that you can change with powerful financial affirmations.

But first, you have to BELIEVE you deserve to reach all your FINANCIAL GOALS.

Even at first if you don’t believe it, trust that this is a scientific process and give it a go.

By reprogramming your mind with positive daily affirmations instead of constantly rehashing the old limiting ideas you will start to uplevel your vibration as part of your manifesting money process.

With your higher vibration, it becomes easier to think positive thoughts, have positive energy, attract success, reprogram your mind, feel good and manifest abundance.

Affirmations are your key way to understand that life is happening for you, instead of to you. 


Do You Have a Scarcity Mindset?

Perhaps you might have had someone point out to you that you have negative energy around money.

It is your negative mindset ( already existing at a subconscious level) that is creating the money obstacles in your life.

  • Maybe you are constantly finding yourself broke, no matter how much you try to budget;
  • You believe you will never attain financial independence without a degree, promotion, or a stroke of luck;
  • You think winning the lotto is a great way to get rich;
  • You think money affirmations are a waste of time.

…but there is a better way to change your financial future.


How to Change Your Mindset To Attract Abundance

You CAN change your financial abundance in your life by using daily positive affirmations.

Affirmations work because they replace the old negative thoughts and beliefs that you’ve held for years by replacing them with new statements and beliefs.

And when that happens, you’ll begin to enjoy wealth in a way you never thought possible.

That is why it’s so important to use positive affirmations in your life, at every opportunity.

They can be used for any area of your life, especially for the negative behavior you want to change about yourself, or even how you wish to feel about yourself.


Abundance Affirmations

When developing a wealth mindset, affirmations become vitally important.

Whatever you affirm, becomes your truth regarding money.

On the contrary, negative thoughts and negative talk about your money situation make for a self-fulfilling, broke, and stressed you.


How to Write Your Own List of Affirmations

You can create the best money affirmations that also work fast by using the 5 Ps’:

  • Personal – Such as I, My 
  • Present Tense – Only speak in the now, not the past or future tenses (I am, I have)
  • Powerful -Use power words that excite you such as Awesome, Super, Mega
  • Positive Statements – Don’t use “wish”, “stop” “will” or “try”.Only make statements that have a positive outlook whether you believe it or not at this point 
  • Proclamation – Declare it with great pride – Own the statement as if it were true in the PRESENT MOMENT  

Create your own list of short positive affirmations to say every day.


List of Powerful Money Affirmations that Work Fast:

Affirmations for Attracting Money Into Your Life 

  1.  I welcome money into my life. 
  2.  I welcome all opportunities that help me grow my wealth.
  3.  Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways. 
  4. I am walking on the road to financial success and freedom.
  5.  My uniqueness helps me attract goodness and wealth.
  6. I know that my hard work will pay off. 
  7. My future self will thank me for all my efforts. 
  8. My money is multiplying every single day. 
  9. I am utilizing every avenue I have available to earn money. 
  10. My net worth grows every single day. 


List of Financial Affirmations

  1. I practice good habits that will lead me to success.
  2. The more I expand my mind the more money I make.
  3. I have money for everything I want and need.
  4. My intellect is sufficient to lead me to great wealth.
  5. I have what I need to live the life that I want.
  6. I am a creative being so money flows easily to me.
  7. I’m working less and making more
  8. I am an influencer who brings together people and resources that will enable me to reach my goals.
  9. My actions are positive and designed to increase my wealth daily.
  10. I see opportunities everywhere.
  11. I deserve the wealth I desire.
  12. Money flows to me from multiple sources of income.
  13. I am comfortable asking for help from others for what I need.
  14. I already have everything I need to become wealthy.
  15. I find connections and know-how to leverage my resources.
  16. I am a happy, healthy, generous millionaire.
  17. There are staggering numbers of opportunities for me to make money.
  18. It’s an abundant universe – more than enough for everyone.
  19. Life is fun, rewarding, and abundant.
  20. I am guaranteed success.
  21. I succeed through the power of my mindset.
  22. Money flows from my happiness.
  23. I love being an example of happiness and wealth.
  24. I become richer every day.
  25. I attract money to me while I sleep.


List of Affirmations For I Am Gratitude

  1. Thank you.
  2. I am grateful for everything I receive.
  3. I am grateful for all of the money flowing into my life.
  4. Every cent is a gift and I thank the universe for it. 
  5. I know that money will come to me at the right time. 
  6. I am proud of myself and my efforts. 
  7. I see abundance all around me and am grateful.
  8. I am so happy and grateful I can share my wealth with others.
  9. I am grateful I can achieve all of my financial goals.
  10. I am thankful a prosperous day awaits me.


Money Affirmations for Manifesting Your Dreams

  1. I am now earning a large income doing what I love to do.
  2. I’m working less and earning more.
  3. My business grows faster when I’m enjoying the present moment.
  4. I am a wealthy entrepreneur who is living life on my own terms.
  5. All of my debt is paid off and my savings are growing.
  6. My financial future is secure.
  7. I can purchase anything in the world.
  8. My finances improve beyond my dreams.
  9. My riches allow me to help others.
  10. I have more than enough money to help the important people in my life.
  11. My dreams are coming true.
  12. I do great things with my fortune.
  13. I can retire early.
  14. My success is necessary.
  15. I experience financial freedom easily.
  16. I am financially free.
  17. .I am the first millionaire in my family.
  18. I am a self-made millionaire.
  19. My income doubles every time I check my bank balance.
  20. My passions bring forth wealth and success.


Money Affirmations to Celebrate Money

  1. I love money and money loves me.
  2. Abundance is my natural birthright.
  3. I love making money. I love sharing my wealth with others.
  4. I love and appreciate money.
  5. Money allows me to live a life I love.
  6. Money creates a positive impact on my life.
  7. Money is the root of joy and comfort.
  8. Money is an endless resource.
  9. I love money because it is always there for me
  10. Money expands my life’s opportunities and experiences.
  11. Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony.
  12. Money frees me.
  13. Money amplifies life experiences and opportunities.
  14. I love and respect money.
  15. Money and love can be friends.


Money Affirmations for Being the Boss of Money

  1. Money is my servant.
  2. I control my money.
  3. I release all fears about money.
  4. I am an excellent money manager.
  5. I am the master of my wealth.
  6. I am comfortable with large sums of money.
  7. I am at peace with having a lot of money.
  8. I handle massive success with grace.
  9. I monitor my money management skills and learn new ways of managing money.
  10. I can achieve all of my financial goals.


Money Affirmations to Counter Resistance

  1. .I eliminate all resistance that comes between me and my financial goals. 
  2. I have everything I need to overcome any money obstacles that stand in my way.
  3. .Nobody has the power to stop me from earning money. 
  4. I have what it takes to have an abundance of wealth 
  5. I enjoy the challenges I have to overcome in order to grow prosperous. 
  6. My imagination for creating wealth is limitless. 
  7. I do not let my current reality limit me. 
  8. I am capable of reaching my highest potential
  9. I am a magnet for wealth and prosperity.
  10. My determination is stronger than my fear.


By repeating these phrases as often as possible as you go about your day, you create a habit of thinking positively about money.

Create a special journal just for your best affirmations, put them on screensavers, sticky notes, and post them where you can see them regularly as doing them every now and again will not give you the benefits.

You need to repeat these wealth affirmations multiple times every day for them to be effective.


Because these affirmations are a powerful tool when it comes to rewiring your beliefs in your subconscious mind about wealth and money.

Your brain is like a muscle…..

Only with repeated effort will you be able to change from the old ways of thinking to the new positive phrases until it becomes automatic.

So, saying a list of money affirmations on a daily basis will guide you to start having an abundance mindset regarding your money goals. 


15 Ways to Turn Affirmations Into A Daily Habit



Additional Money Mindset Resources


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Summing up Positive Affirmations for Financial Wealth

Affirmations help shape and create your reality.

If you want to manifest money fast use these abundance affirmations daily.

Affirmations work fast if you believe in them and make them a part of your daily routine.

So, be careful of the words you use.

Don’t go negating what you are affirming.

Guard your thoughts.

Stay positive.

Only ever make positive and bold statements about yourself and your life.

This way the true power of affirmations will show up in miraculous ways to help you create an abundant life.

Do you have any favorite money affirmations? Leave a comment below



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Money Affirmations that Work Fast to Attract Wealth


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