How to Stop Doubting Yourself Effortlessly

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How to stop doubting yourself

How to Stop Doubting Yourself Effortlessly


At face value, it can then be said that we all would have times or situations in our lives that this would be true – unless, of course, you are James Bond or Jason Statham!

Although the term self-doubt seems to have a negative connotation to it, it would be wise to rather reframe it as a “stage” we all go through.

Especially as we are growing up. These are confusing times and often we have not yet learned the skills we need or been given the encouragement needed to develop healthy confidence in our own abilities.

And, depending on the circumstances, we will continue to have “moments” throughout our lives…..think of us that still date in our 50s and beyond!!

In this post, we will discuss the causes, dangers, and some strategies to deal with self-doubt.


What is Self-Doubt?

The dictionary definition of self-doubt is “the lack of confidence in one’s self and one’s abilities.”


Are there Dangers to having Self-Doubts?

As discussed above, there is a “normal” level of self-doubt we all experience that could be considered healthy.

Perhaps without this built-in mechanism, we would never push ourselves to learn more, develop new skills or just try harder, even if we failed many times before.

However, when self-doubt literally consumes your life – as in it prevents you from at least even trying something – then it could be considered unhealthy or even dangerous.

Below is a list of symptoms that can be considered extreme or unhealthy levels of feelings of self-doubt: 

  • lack of any motivation;
  • chronic procrastination;
  • paralyzing regret;
  • feelings of being defeated by life;
  • no inspiration;
  • no wish to even try some form of self-improvement?

In the above examples, self-doubt has affected your ability to lead an inspired, fully functioning life.

However, there are many ways to work on this.



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How to Identify where your Self- doubt lies?

Sometimes it is easier to find how self-doubt developed in your life. 

Common factors could include an unsupportive childhood; past experiences that were negative and possibly abusive; not having had the opportunity to experience much in life; past unhealed traumas; dealing with anxiety – to name a few.

Sometimes it could even be just one remark from a stranger that could derail your self-confidence and send you into a spiral of self-doubt (especially living in a world consumed with social media we are all exposed to criticism and negativity).

The important thing here is to be aware of the fact that despite how it developed or displays itself in your life there are ways to overcome self-doubt.


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Strategies to overcome self-doubt

There are many techniques that can be used to learn how to stop doubting yourself and become more confident.

These could include:

  • journaling,
  • learning how to set small achievable goals to boost your confidence,
  • surrounding yourself with positive people,
  • getting help either with a counselor or therapist,
  • or even joining a support group.

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Overcoming self-doubt



Train your Self Doubting Mind

As with so many other problems we as humans seem to deal with, realizing that it is ultimately our thoughts that are creating the disease or feelings of not being good enough is the first place to start.

Self-doubt is not something that we can touch or measure.

It is the recurring thoughts of not being good enough that keep us stuck.

So ultimately working on your mindset would be a good place to start.

Learning how to train your thinking is ultimately the solution to many of life’s “problems” including self-doubt.

It is not a once-off activity – like a muscle your brain needs to be trained to learn how to replace the self-doubting thoughts with thoughts of confidence and empowerment.


Summing up Self Doubt

Learning how to stop doubting yourself is a skill you can learn just like any other skill.

Using a few tactics discussed above and working on your belief system will benefit you greatly in every area of your life.


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How to Stop Doubting Yourself Effortlessly


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