7 Powerful and Easy Tips on How to Stop Being Sad Today

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how to stop being sad


7 Powerful and Easy Tips on how to Stop Being Sad Today


Sadness is an emotion that has often been given a bad rap.

Pop culture paints a picture of successful people always being upbeat, motivated, and positive.

But that’s BS.

We all, to varying degrees, have to cope with sadness in life.

True, some people are more prone to feeling sad as they are more emotional or sensitive beings whilst others have trained themselves not to show human emotions such as sadness.

Whichever camp you fall into there will be times in life when you will have to deal with feelings of sadness.

After you have read this post you’ll have a few good ideas on how to stop being sad.


1) It’s Normal

The first step is to realize that sadness is just one of the many emotions all human beings feel on the spectrum of emotion.

For most people, human emotion fluctuates just like the weather, so experiencing sadness at times is part of being human.

It is not advised to try and bury these sad feelings or pretend that they do not exist.

That is denying a part of who you are.

So acknowledge your feelings because they are real.

Spend time with them. Journal on them or pray over them.

It does not matter if the sadness is situational or just a general feeling.

Honor your feelings as a part of who you are.

This is an integral part of self-love.



2) Monitor Your thoughts

Too often our sadness comes about because we are thinking about the past or the future.

Although this is necessary at times it’s not where we live.

Living your life constantly focused on your sadness isn’t healthy. It impacts your perspective on things, causing you to make choices or even skip opportunities you wouldn’t necessarily if you weren’t so caught up in your sadness.

We live in the now. In the moment. 

The moment itself cannot be sad – only our thoughts about it can.

So notice what you are thinking at the moment and decide to change the thought that is keeping you stuck in sadness.

This is called being mindful. Learning this habit will significantly improve your life.


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3) Make A Decision

Those of us that have been chronically sad in life don’t realize it but a part of us identifies with sadness. It’s our overarching temperament. 

It’s how we know ourselves and how others see us.

It sounds crazy now but for the longest time that is how I showed up in the world.

That is until I decided I was tired of always being the deep, sad, negative person in the room.

But, who would I be if I wasn’t sad? 

I didn’t know but I did decide I would try to at least find out. For my mental wellness.

Decide to be a happy person. It’s not easy at first and your old sad self will fight for your attention at every opportunity but eventually, you will win if you truly want to stop being sad.


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4) Give Happiness to Receive Happiness

Although this is hard to do when you feeling sad there is no better antidote than getting out of your own head and being of service to others or just trying to make others happy.

When you strive to make others happy, they notice.

They will get a boost in their mood and you will see that reaction on their face immediately.

It may even be returned to you in kind, either immediately, or sometime in the future.

The great part about making others happy is it is relatively easy to do.

It can be as simple as paying someone a compliment. Or it can be helping out a colleague whose workload is overextended. Sometimes, simply thanking someone can lift their spirits no matter how small the task that you are thanking them for is.

One really easy way to make people happy is to smile.

Smiling is a warm and friendly act that most people will respond to positively by smiling back. A smile is a form of welcoming and shows that you are opening yourself up to those people. It gives people an invitation to approach you.

If you want to go a step further in making others happy, try to learn more about the people that you want to make happy.

Be interested in what they do. Then, if you see something related to their interests, either bring it to their attention or give them something related that shows you were paying attention.

It’s important to be genuine when making others happy and not use it as a form of manipulation.

People will pick right up on that tactic and it is sure to backfire on you.

Since it doesn’t really work anyway, why bother even trying it?

People will appreciate you much more and will respond positively to your efforts to make them happy instead of trying to get something out of it for yourself. They will also be more willing to make you happy when the effort is real.


happiness is a state of mind

5) Use Natural mood enhancers

Sometimes all it takes to lift ourselves out of the gloom is to make use of natural mood enhancers.

These include:

  • Cuddling a pet
  • Going into nature
  • Listening to upbeat music
  • Watching a comedy that makes you laugh until you cry
  • Watching an inspiring movie or documentary
  • Practicing a hobby you love
  • Exercising
  • Starting a daily gratitude practice

Studies show that doing things we love causes hormonal changes in our bodies that are responsible for pleasure and that in turn produce feelings of happiness.



6) Talk to others

There is a saying that goes that sometimes we are so deep in the forest it’s hard to see the wood from the trees.

Our sadness can sometimes be like that. Like the wood. We can see nothing else, let alone the trees.

Talking to others can help us see situations from other perspectives.

Also, just the act of being seen and heard is of immense value to us as human beings.

Whether it is a trusted friend, family member, a support group, or a counselor, the act of sharing our feelings of sadness and accompanying feelings of connectedness to others is immensely beneficial. 

Sadly we live in a society where sadness is often treated like a weakness or a mental disorder. For this reason, many people are afraid to open up to others about their feelings.

Don’t allow this to stop you from seeking help or guidance. Love yourself enough to do what it takes to stop being sad.

Once you do you will be amazed at how many people can relate to feelings of sadness. Learning about other people’s ways of dealing with their sadness might just be the therapy you need at the moment.



Self Acceptance
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7) Become a Good Listener

Sad people often shy away from others as they feel they have nothing to give.

But, by becoming a good listener you can end up helping yourself as well.

While most of us can hear, not all people have the ability to listen as attentively as others. This is why listening is often listed as a desired skill set.

When you start to listen to a person you gain more insights such as:
* Understanding what they expect of themselves and you
* Build better relationships with family, friends, and your coworkers
* You will be able to resolve issues (including things that make you sad)) more quickly
* Have a better understanding of what people are trying to tell you and clear up misconceptions by clarifying what people are trying to tell you as opposed to what you think you hearing
* You will know how to respond properly
* You will become a trusted and respected person

We are, after all, all connected.



Concluding Thoughts how to Stop Being Sad Today

Sadness is normal so find your unique way of honoring it.

Never apologize for the way you feel or feel afraid to get help.

It is ultimately up to you to decide how you want to show up in the world.

So, when the time is right for you decide to incorporate more happiness into your life by using these tips on how to stop feeling sad today.

As always I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions so please leave a reply below.


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7 Powerful and Easy Tips on how to Stop Being Sad Today


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  1. This was a great read and very informative and filled with tips to help yourself and others. Keep up the good work!

  2. Natural mood enhancers help! I listen to music when I wish to change my mood. I tried movies and documentaries too. When compared to movies and documentaries, music and comedies are the best options as they have a short run time. Movies need some time to set the context. For example, you should watch at least 30 minutes to appreciate the “Troy” movie. When you are in bad mood, you don’t have the patience to sit until the time.

    1. Hi Portgas, yes music is an instant boost. There are however some movies that just capture you from the first minute ..
      I would highly recommend “the Pursuit of Happyness” and “Gone Girl” – both oldish movies but both are interesting to me from the perspective of what drives human behavior..

      1. I watched “the Pursuit of Happyness”. It’s a nice movie for inspiration. Yet to watch “Gone Girl”. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Hi Athena, I have watched the documentary. Worth every minute invested! The documentary sheds new light on trauma and its connection with infancy. Great learning for a lifetime. Thank you once again for the suggestion.

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