Top Tips to Discover “What are my Passions in Life?”

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what are my passions in life


Top Tips to Discover “What is my Passion in Life?”



“What are my passions in life ?”

This is a question many people spend many years asking themselves as they sit at the same unfulfilling job for the 5th straight miserable year.

So if you are still trying to find your passions in your life you are not alone as many people are attempting to do this every day.

For many, it may seem like a pipe dream.

Uncovering your passion and possibly also being able to make a career out of it.

Admittedly I struggled with this for most of my formal working career. I never hated what I did but I never loved it either. So when the opportunity arose for me to choose what I wanted to do with my time it was a no-brainer. Every one of the questions below pointed to the same answer for me and hence this blog was born.

Although you might find the questions simplistic they are truly the only questions you will need to ask yourself to uncover your passions.

Furthermore, it isn’t that difficult to identify your passions if you pay attention to what your life is already telling you.

Sadly we can sometimes become confused and dissatisfied when we try and compare what makes us happy to the passion portrayed by all the glamour and fame that is sold to us by the media.

Herewith is a list of questions to help discover your passions as well as some free resources to make use of:


11 Questions to Uncover “What are my Passions” 

1. What do you do outside of work?

This should give you a good insight into what your hobbies and interests are. You may spend this time writing, creating music, sailing, gardening, playing poker, raising goats, or exercising.  


2. What one thing do you do whenever you get the chance?

This will identify those things that you feel more passionate about.

Alternatively, ask yourself if I had a choice between A and B which one would I choose to do?


3. What makes you feel excited?

This is normally associated with those things that you are good at. Mainly your talents and your gifts.

If excitement is too strong a feeling to wish for you should at least identify something that keeps you interested for a length of time.


4. What makes you feel more confident?

You may find that talking, writing, singing, or even numbers and languages make you feel this way.

Again these are things that you know you are good at, therefore you feel confident. You don’t have to think twice about doing them.

If currently you don’t feel confident in any one area choose one that you are prepared to put effort into to develop that skill.


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5. What would you do if you weren’t earning money from it?

Again this signifies your passions.

You aren’t in it for the money, you truly love doing it and just want to spend your spare time enjoying yourself with this task.

If however, you do choose to make money as well it has never been easier to do so. Creating a course and teaching others is a huge online market at present. If this interests you look into platforms like Udemy, Teachable, or Skillshare.


6. What one thing or item would you like to change in the world?

Your answer here could be a multitude of things including providing better drinking water. Helping underprivileged children or helping stop an animal from becoming extinct.

Or perhaps you have overcome a physical or mental struggle and want to help others do the same.

For me, it’s helping people understand what true power they possess inside of them by understanding how their minds work and the value of using self-improvement tools and techniques to shape their desired realities.

what is my passion

7. What makes you forget time?

You have probably heard of “being in the zone”  or flow before.

When you are so happy and engrossed in what you are doing, you are unaware of the passage of time.


8. What makes you smile?

All those things that make you smile are things that you love and enjoy doing.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be an item. Spending time with children or animals, visiting a senior’s home, or capturing a sunset on film can be other things that put a smile on your face.


9. What do you love reading about?

Books open up a whole new world for us to explore. So if you spend hours reading about a particular subject then it’s a good indication of what interests you.

Even if you are drawn to certain magazines or blogs. This can also be expanded to what movies, sports or tv shows you enjoy watching.

It’s no coincidence that we are drawn to certain genres over others.


10. What are others passionate about?

We are living in an age where you can make a career out of almost any interest or passion.

If you don’t think your passion is monetizable just ask around. Speak to people who you admire or want to emulate. Find out more about certain career choices people made and why.

There are tons of groups and forums where you can get great advice and tips from others who have already found their passion (and careers) in doing that might seem improbable to others.

And perhaps once you have more information on a subject you might find out you have a passion for it.


11. What if it doesn’t work?

This is what keeps most people from trying.

Sometimes the fear of leaving the comfort zone of what you already know is too daunting or perhaps you have already spent months on a new “passion project” only to find you weren’t really that interested in it after all.

If you want to transform your dreary life you need to keep trying.

Success seldom comes on a first attempt.

But with each failed attempt you learn more and become a better version of yourself so never give up trying.


Can I be fulfilled without “a Passion”?

Although the preceding questions are all great to hone down on a specific passion it is more important to realize that at the end of the day life is meant to be enjoyed.

So even if you think you haven’t found your one passion yet it is important to keep enjoying what you doing even if that means working a job to pay the bills and having a passion hobby or two on the side. 


Free Resources to help find your passions

  •  How to find your passion test -Go and do the passion test assessment here for free.
  • Platforms such as Udemy, Teachable, and Skillshare offer many various free and paid courses. 
  • has a database with thousands of free online courses, certificate training, mini degrees, degrees, ebooks, etc. 



In Conclusion

Go through this list of questions and peruse some of the thousands of available courses and then start writing down your answers.

From here you want to see if there is one thing that gets repeated again and again. If so, chances are that this is your passion. That one thing that you love to do, want to learn to do, or want to do whenever you can.

Your next step is to simply start making time for it, and yes you can if you truly want to.


I would love to hear, do you have any other tips for discovering “What are my Passions in Life?”. Leave a comment.


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Top Tips to Discover “What are my Passions in Life?”


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