A Fun Process to Create Your Future

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Goals for the New Year

A Fun Process to Create Your Future

Goodbye 2021


Another year is very quickly coming to an end (for many of us this is a big yah!!).

Most of us, all be it unconsciously, tend to mentally review the year – we scan our lives thinking about what we gained, achieved, won, or lost.

Was it a good/bad year?

Did I achieve all out I set out to do?

Where could I have done better?

Which goals did I not achieve, again?

At the same time, we make promises to ourselves about the coming year.

This will be the year when……..

or, this year I will definitely………….

I think it is a somewhat normal mind-game for people to play. Especially for those of us that don’t have our 3 monthly goals all worked out every year, we tend to save these musings for the very nostalgic part of the year- the Festive Season.

There is just something about this time of year that makes one want to reevaluate life – both backward and forward.

Instead of just allowing random thoughts of purpose and worthiness to fill our heads at this time, there is a semi-structured process that can be used instead to help you plan what it is you want your future to look like- and it is both fun and more beneficial.


The Review/Preview Process

Sam Horn an acclaimed Author, Speaker, and Coach created the Review-Preview process which helps you reflect on the passing year and helps clarify what it is you want in the coming year. 

As one user has described it as  “sort of a verbal vision board.”


10 Review Questions:

  • What is a favorite place I discovered, explored or spent time in?
  • Who is someone who really impacted me? How so?
  • How did I change? What new/different beliefs and behaviors did I adopt?
  • What’s a meaningful achievement or skill acquired I’m proud of?
  • What happened that was unexpected or surprising? How did it affect me?
  • What will I remember about my health from this year – and why?
  • What was my biggest challenge – lesson learned the hard way?
  • What did I NOT make time for – and I wish I had?
  • What is the best book I read or movie/TV program I saw? Why?
  • What experience and/or person am I most grateful for? Why?


10 Preview Questions:

  • Who is someone I want to spend more quality time with? How will I do that?
  • How will I contribute, give back, make a difference for others?
  • What is one specific way I will stay active and take good care of my health?
  • What is a new experience or place I want to explore? When will I do this?
  • What is a meaningful goal or skill I’d like to achieve/acquire by the end of the year?
  • Who is a new person I’d like to meet? How will I reach out to that person?
  • What or who do I miss that I’m going to bring back into my life? How?
  • What is a morning ritual or spiritual practice I’ll do to start each day off right?
  • What is one thing I’ll do every week to bring joy into my life?
  • How will I be a better person – parent – partner – leader in the coming year?


How to throw a Review/Preview Party

Short on novel party themes or ideas?

Why not throw a Review-Preview party for your closest friends (even if this means on zoom). Or use it as a way to connect to that someone special in your life.

As you can imagine, there may not be enough time for people to answer all these questions but guests are welcome to choose which questions are most meaningful to them. Or, you can pare the list down to the questions you feel are most relevant.

I promise, it will be time well spent, time well remembered, time well invested.

What better way to help you with how to plan your future, bring structure to your thoughts around life and hone in on what gives you the most joy.

Review-Previews are a way to celebrate being alive – for our heart and head to be conscious of life’s treasures.


The Secret to Bigger and Better Breakthroughs in 2022

If the thought of another year of “sameness” and meaningless daily trivia makes you want to stay in bed on January the 1st then this might just be the solution you are looking for (and it makes a great gift too!).

If you really like this idea and want to learn how to not only write the Script of your life but how to live it now, then download a FREE QUICK START GUIDE to learn exactly how to do this.

Use it to plan the life you want, deserve, and dream of!

As Thornton Wilder said, “We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.”

Visit Power Life Scripts now and remember this can also be sent as a great Christmas (or Anytime) gift to someone else you cherish.


Wishing you all a wondrous Christmas and Inspired New Year!


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A Fun Process to Create Your Future


2 thoughts on “A Fun Process to Create Your Future”

  1. Wow. I will say that you were spot on with the types of questions that should be asked and I am going to use this opportunity to create my 2022 right now. Thank you so much!!! In a year I want to be able to come back to this post and see what changes have been made.

    1. Thank you Adam, I give credit to the original creator but so glad that is of great benefit to you and my desire is that these questions are just what you need to make the changes you want in your life..and btw thanks for the email – It is inspiring to know that my small contribution is valued by others.

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