5 Simple Tips for How to Unwind when Worried

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5  Simple Tips for How to Unwind when Worried


Let’s face it, we all go through times of intense stress and worry and some days we’d rather just not have to face them at all.

The idea of unwinding at all in these circumstances can feel impossible.

At the same time, it’s these bad days when we need to unwind and learn how to relax our minds more than ever.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at several tips designed to help you unwind even when you’re worried.


Start By Getting Back into the Moment

A lot of what we’re doing when we’re worrying is living in the future.

We’re caught in a world of ‘what if’ and speculation. This is why it’s crucial to get back into the here and now.

Mindfulness or meditation can help you focus on where you are right now and calm your mind.

Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Don’t allow thoughts to intrude. Instead, allow yourself to drift, thinking about what you hear or smell. Or just count your breaths – inhale for the count of 5, exhale for the count of 5 .

It doesn’t have to be complicated or take a long time. Even a few minutes of mindfulness will help you to unwind significantly.


Ask Yourself Are You Being Reasonable?

What are you worried about most often? Is this a reasonable worry?

Sometimes all we need to unwind is a quick reality check.

You might be overthinking things.

If you’re not sure if you see the situation clearly, this might be a good time to talk to someone else about what’s going on.

Do they see things the same way?

Getting another person’s perspective  (not opinion) can be very helpful.

Don’t feel like chatting? No problem try some journaling instead.

Taking the time to write things down helps to slow down your thinking and quite often you can come up with insights you would never of just “thought” of. 


Just Let Go

There are some things you’re not going to be able to change about what’s going on right now.

Remind yourself whatever is happening is just another piece of this particular segment of your life.

You will get through it. Just like you have gotten through all previous seemingly insurmountable problems.

You’ll find it easier to relax if you can acknowledge and release what is out of your control.

As the saying goes “Let Go and Let God” which means just surrender the problem and have faith which is pure and relentless knowing ( as opposed to just hoping for the best)  that the best outcome will unfold at the correct time for you.


Don’t Try To be a Fortune-Teller

Sometimes when we’re worried, we’re falling into the trap of thinking things are very black and white.

Generally speaking, things are seldom as bad as we imagine them to be.

Take a deep breath and let the situation unfold as it will without trying to predict the future.

Most of our problems arise because we are either living in the past or the future in our minds.



What Are You Telling Yourself?

Sometimes we get in the habit of seeking out the negative, especially when it comes to ourselves.

Could it be you’re worried about something which isn’t even true?

Consider the words you use when talking to yourself. If you’re using more negative than positive phrasing, start changing the dialogue to more positive statements.

It’s a lot easier to unwind when you’re not beating yourself up all the time.


Summary of the Tips for How to Unwind when Worried

  • Get Back into the moment
  • Ask yourself are you being reasonable?
  • Just Let Go
  • Don’t try to be a Fortune Teller
  • What are you telling yourself – check your negative thoughts

While these tips might not necessarily solve the crisis in your life, they’ll help you to put even difficult times into a better perspective, allowing you to at least take some time to breathe and figure out the next steps.

Truly, you’ve got this!


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