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What is Spiritual Self Care? Spiritual Self Care Ideas 2023


What is Spiritual Self Care?

Spiritual self-care is any activity or ritual that encourages you to get in touch with your higher self. The higher self can also be expressed as your “true self” or your Soul as opposed to your thinking monkey mind or ego-driven self.

Spending time in spiritual self-care encourages more connection with the divine to meet your spiritual needs. 

Spiritual self-care can include any activity that helps you learn, grow, and connect with the divine by yourself or with others. Although unique to each person the ultimate aim is to increase feelings of purpose, connection, and happiness.

Spirituality can be considered to be a path toward self-actualization because it requires people to focus on their internal values and work on becoming better individuals.

Setting up a daily or weekly routine to engage in spirituality will have multiple benefits for your well-being.

Why Practice Spiritual Self Care Daily?

A spiritual connection is a form of routine, which helps to bring people in contact with the divine.

According to a clinical study, spirituality is to seek to find meaning in life outside of the person. It is a connection to the world and to explore what one’s purpose is in the world.


What is the Difference Between Spirituality and Religion?

Both spirituality and religion share the belief that there is a divine presence or creator, ethics, and awe at our created universe.

During a spiritual connection, rather than go through an established set of rituals in a social setting, the relationship is between you and the divine as you reflect and become more aware of that divine presence.

A spiritual connection can be the point at which we come fully into awareness of the divine and begin to manifest our desires.

For many people, the first step towards discovering this divine presence is the discovery of the divinity within themselves. Through meditation and contemplation, the mind opens to spiritual truths, which can apply to your life.

Time spent alone can awaken spirituality through listening to yourself. Spirituality takes time to connect with the truth within yourself in the space of stillness. 

Of course, the very nature of a spiritual connection is that there are no boundaries. The divine being remains transcendent and not bound by any physical reality.

When we believe in the existence of that divine presence within ourselves, then we naturally feel more at ease, more connected to the ultimate purpose of physical life, and at peace in our lives.


How Can We Benefit from Spiritual Self Care?

Spiritual self-care benefits your health, including mental and emotional well-being.

Studies show that having a belief in a divine presence is part of what increases life expectancy, reduces stress and depression, and can improve social connections.

By participating in spiritual self-care, you also form an identity with your beliefs that can increase confidence and mental well-being.

Finding purpose in something meaningful establishes better mental health.



Spiritual self care examples


What Forms of Spiritual Self Care Are There?

There are many ways of attaining a spiritual connection. We can access the universe using meditation, prayer, contemplation or journaling, nature, and reflecting on personal experiences.

●      Meditation can be the most empowering connection with the divine. Being able to stop ourselves from negative thoughts brings peace and the ability to make more sense of the world and our meaning in it. Without the ability to control our thoughts, our emotions could easily consume us.

●      Instead of relying on logic in an attempt to control our emotions, through prayer or meditation, we can transcend chaos. Meditation allows us to let go of our thoughts to find stillness. There are many different forms of meditation. Some involve deep breathing, mindfulness, or guided exercises.

●      Many people associate meditation with spirituality, but there are many more forms of spiritual self-care. If you walk in nature, the appreciation and involvement of being outdoors is a form of spiritual self-care. Walking in nature also known as mindful walking can connect you to the divine in recognition of the creation of life around you.

●      Taking time to reflect on the meaning of life, your purpose, or what lessons you’ve learned from personal experiences in a journal is also a form of spiritual self-care. Reflecting in this way means that you are open to learning from the past to grow and change.

●      Writing a daily gratitude entry is another form of spiritual self-care. It focuses your mind on what you appreciate in life. Gratitude is beneficial for mental health and has proven to change negative thoughts to more positive ones.

●      Practicing Yoga helps connect your Mind, Body, and Soul. Great emphasis is placed on breathing so it is a form of meditation that emphasizes non-judgment and acceptance of the present moment. There are many different forms of yoga practices available so find one that meets you where you are at.


There are so many other forms of divination that were previously only specific to other cultures and locations around the world but due to the advent of technology we can now all benefit from whatever practice resonates with us.

Some of these include Energy healing, Shamanism, Akashic records, Astrology, and Channeling to name but a few. These practices are a bit more advanced and I will cover them in future blog posts. 


Set Up a Daily or Weekly Spiritual Self-Care Routine

Just as you would with any other goal, taking time for a daily spiritual connection will benefit many areas of your life and help you feel more at peace and at ease.

Once you take the time to decide what Spiritual Self Care you wish to participate in, be sure to keep a daily or weekly schedule to keep track of your activity. 



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Summary of Spiritual Self Care Examples 2023

Just like taking care of your body is important taking care of your spiritual well-being has many benefits. Some of the ways you can do this are through:

  • Meditation
  • Nature Walks
  • Journaling
  • Gratitude
  • Yoga


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