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man screaming due to a chaotic mind5 Creative Ways for Finding Calm in Chaos


Do you ever feel like you can’t escape your mind?

Maybe it’s always spinning out of control, or perhaps you have a lot of thoughts.

A lot of people experience chaos in their own minds, and this can make things difficult when you’re trying to work toward your goals or life in general.

In this post, I discuss some signs of a chaotic mind and  5 ways for finding calm in chaos.


What is a Chaotic mind?

A chaotic mind can be characterized by overthinking usually stemming from or leading to anxiousness. These anxious feelings could arise for various reasons.

Maybe it’s having too much to do, a problem you can’t seem to solve, a decision you need to make, endless worry over a person or situation, or all of the aforementioned.

Before you know it all this thinking has got you totally stressed out and you don’t know which way to turn or what to do next. 



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Finding Calm in Chaos -5 Suggestions

1. Keep it Busy

There’s a delicate balance between keeping your mind busy without overcrowding it.

It’s one thing to occupy your mind so it doesn’t wander, but it’s a whole different ball game when you start stressing out about endless to-do lists and information overload.

Gain clarity by writing down 3-5 things you want to accomplish every day — and be sure to add at least one thing that is purely for fun.

This mini “to-do list” will allow you to focus on things you CAN CONTROL.

Then commit to accomplishing this.

This will keep your mind busy without getting you too stressed.


Actionable idea:

Before you go to bed each night, make sure to write down your to-do list and tasks for the next day. Identify the goals you want to achieve, the tasks you need to finish, and schedule your time.

This tactic is effective for several reasons.

First, it supports you to get a good night’s sleep. It’s much easier to leave the day’s stress behind you when you have your day planned. It helps clear your mind so you can relax.

Additionally, when you take time at night to plan your upcoming day, you’re able to start the day with a clear itinerary. You can hit the ground running so to speak and start making your day productive as soon as you wake up. This leaves less room for chaotic thinking.


2. Help Others

Often when dealing with our own dramas the last thing we want to do is expend energy on helping others. But this might just be the antidote you need.

Research shows that by helping others we produce the feel-good hormone oxytocin which immediately helps lift our spirits. Not only that but helping others also contributes to our own health.

Also, our brains tend to naturally calm down when we’re in “helper mode” because the focus is on others rather than our own problems or stresses.

Helping others who are needier than you also helps shift the perspective of the size or seriousness of your own problems.

So, when was the last time you extended a helping hand to someone who needs it?


3. Pick up a Creative Hobby

We all have a creative side, whether it’s deep down or you’re continually flexing your creative muscles.

Picking up a creative hobby gives your brain a nice, healthy break from the usual grind. Plus, it allows you to expand your intelligence with new forms of thinking. Win-win!

If you haven’t yet done so get creative and make up a vision board of all your goals. Or how about coloring in? Perhaps try journaling your thoughts by focusing on what you already have to be grateful for. 


4. Care for your Physical Being

The mind and body are interwoven, so if you aren’t caring for your physical being, you may notice some stress going on in your head.

Take time to care for your body — work out more, take a walk, draw a bath, or snooze your alarm clock. There are lots of ways to reenergize your body so that you can take on more in your mind!

Also, when you are healthy and energized problems seem smaller as you have the necessary spark and energy to deal with them head-on.


5. Connect with Others

Helping others and connecting with other people are two totally different things, but both are essential aspects of cultivating an active, healthy mind.

As humans, we need socialization. We thrive when we are part of a tribe. We crave human interaction time, so get out there and get social! Every laugh and a bit of chatter will feed your mind in countless ways.

Call a friend and have lunch in the park. It doesn’t have to be a big production, since the goal is simple human connection.

Connecting with others helps us not to feel so alone on life’s journey which is at times filled with many trials.

Also, communicating with others can sometimes give you clarity or even a totally different perspective on the chaos you are experiencing.


In Closing

It’s normal to have certain periods in our lives when we seem to stress and worry over things.

But if you are consistently dealing with a chaotic mind it’s time to do something about it. There are many beneficial techniques such as mediation, mantras, etc that can be used to calm the chaos of the mind but try using one of the above creative tips as well.

And remember excessive worrying will not change a situation so give yourself a much-needed mental break from the chaos.

What are some of your trusted ways of finding calm in chaos? Leave a comment.


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5 Creative Ways for Finding Calm in Chaos

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  1. Such wonderful advice for all of us. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ways to keep our ‘monkey mind’ in check.
    Blessings to you for your passion for wanting to help others.

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