Top 10 Self Improvement Apps to Own

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top 10 self improvement apps

Top 10 Self Improvement Apps to Own 

If you’re like most people, you have goals and ambitions and you enjoy self-improvement in all areas of life.

Also, like most people, you could likely use a little help with keeping up momentum, staying physically and emotionally healthy, avoiding procrastination, and making the best decisions to nudge you ever closer to reaching those goals.

In today’s technological age, you likely have a powerful tool to help you turbo-charge your productivity, goal achievement, and self-care – and it’s right in the palm of your hands.

Here are the Top 10 Self Improvement apps for your smartphone to help boost self-discipline and self-care and move you closer to your goals.                          



Focus Apps:


#1 Stay Focused With Forest


Forest app


If you find yourself distracted by your phone when working, one solution is to turn your phone off or leave it in a different room until you finish. But that’s not always possible.

In this case, you should consider the Forest app.

Forest works by allowing you to plant a virtual tree. You start by setting a time limit, and “planting” the tree at the beginning of the time slot. Time begins counting down, and you must avoid using your phone the entire time, thus allowing your plant to flourish.

If you close the app, the plant dies. And you don’t want that!

So, if you can’t turn your phone off completely or leave it in another room, the Forest app will keep your eyes off your phone and on your work.

If the increased focus isn’t enough to motivate you to try this app, you’ll be happy to know that Forest financially contributes to Trees for the Future, an organization that plants trees worldwide. You can improve your focus while helping the Earth.

Click here to learn more about Forest.


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Habit Tracker Apps:


#2 Make Your Good Habits Stick With Chains


Chains app


The basic idea behind the Chains app is that you accrue several days of either starting a good habit or ending a bad one; you don’t want to “break the chain.”  

Chains is a free app that provides a visual representation of your habit streak. You can choose from a wide variety of skins to suit your taste, and even join social groups within the app to give and receive motivation from other users.

Or if you prefer Printable Habit trackers – Click here to download them for free

Click here to try Chains.


#3 Make Goal Setting & Tracking Fun With Habitica


habitica app


A great way to make goal tracking and setting fun is to make it a game. If you enjoy playing games, you’ll love Habitica.

Habitica is like a role-playing game, where you get gear, goods, and the chance to level up as you complete more and more tasks.

Habitica works just as well for adding positive habits as it does for eliminating negative ones.

This is one of the best self discipline apps.

If you gain motivation and inspiration by working with other people, you might enjoy the challenges and quests feature of this app. Groups of people work toward achieving the same goal. You may also find more accountability by using this feature, as you don’t want to let your teammates down!

Click here to try Habitica.


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Productivity Apps:


#4 Use Todoist To Create Your To-Do List


todist app

The to-do list is probably the most basic self-discipline method that anyone who wants to stay on top of their goals should use daily.

But what’s the best way to create one? Using a pen and paper, the calendar on your laptop or phone, or keeping a daily planner or organizer are all valid options. But if you’re serious about organization and productivity, you should give Todoist a try.

The Todoist app is easy to use, and you can create an account by logging in you’re your existing Facebook or Google account – which is a huge plus for simplicity.

The app has useful features in addition to setting up your tasks, such as setting deadlines, assigning priorities, grouping and filtering functions, and even location-based notifications, where you’ll receive different reminders based on your geographical location.  

Click here to manage your to-do list with Todoist!


#5 Find Daily Productivity Patterns With Daylio




Your emotions, moods, and mental health impact productivity in various ways. Naturally, when you’re feeling your best, you’ll have an easier time getting things done. On the other hand, when you’re not doing so well, it’s a lot harder to maintain momentum.

The Daylio app has a beautiful, smooth, soothing design and allows you to quickly and efficiently track your daily moods along with your productivity. Over time, patterns will arise.

For example, you may notice a pattern or correlation between feeling more upbeat on days you spent time outside or less happy and productive after you socialized for too many hours the day before.

While perhaps not directly related to productivity, getting to know yourself better and having accurate data on what drives your moods can help you create a schedule that includes more of what keeps you motivated – and less of what doesn’t. And it’s part of your self-care.

Click here to try Daylio for free.


Goal Setting App


#6 Stay Accountable with Goals on Track


goals on track app


Goal tracking and planning app. Set SMART goals and stay on track. A comprehensive solution to keep all your goals together and motivate you to make progress every day. Turn big goals into milestones or projects using sub-goals, and automatically keep track of the progress of your goals on all levels.

Click here to try Goals on Track



Mentor App


#7 Have Your own High Achievement Personal Mentor with Time Prism


Time Prism App


The Time Prism is the fastest and easiest way to learn, remember, and master the success-critical skills for higher achievement. It’s brain-training, skill-building, and a personal mentor all in one super-simple, highly visual, and fun new App!

Download FREE and turn your Smartphone into a tool of Extraordinary Personal Growth — coaxing, encouraging, and mentoring you to a higher level of achievement — personally and professionally.

You will receive more Ideas for Action, Inspirational Insights, and AHA—Moments per Day than any other training program on Earth.

You become Smarter in the Moment… produce greater results… make more money, have more free time, and live the life you love. You become the best version of yourself possible! It is definitely one of the best self improvement Apps to Own.

Click here to get Time Prism


best self-improvement apps
Top 10 Self Improvement apps



Best Self-Care Apps


#8 Stay calm and sleep like a baby with Calm


Calm app


Calm was awarded Apple’s App of the Year for meditation and sleep in 2017. With a 4.8 star review from 1.2million users, it comes highly recommended. 

Calm focuses on meditation and sleep, which is one of the biggest factors in improving your well-being and mental health.

Their most unique feature is Sleep Stories, which are simply stories told by well-known people like Stephen Fry and Bindi Irwin that are the adult version of bedtime stories.

They also offer calm music playlists for users to listen to while they try to relax and reset.

This is so important for personal development because knowing how to set the right tone in the morning and at night can set you up for positive and productive days long-term.

Click here to try Calm


#9 Stay Fit and Healthy with MyFitnessPal


myfitnesspal app



On top of keeping track of your mental health and productivity in and out of the office, keeping track of your physical health is just as important. 

MyFitnessPal is one of the many best apps for personal development and well-being because it keeps track of your diet, your physical activity, and even offers nutritional information for certain foods to ensure you’re eating the healthiest meals possible.

You can make as much money as possible and be the happiest you’ve ever been, but if your health is suffering you won’t be able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Physical health is extremely important for your personal well-being and downloading fitness apps is a great way to start making better life choices.

Click here to try MyFitnesss Pal


#10 Simplify & Secure Your Life with LastPass.

This app can definitely help anyone with productivity as it just saves so much time.

LastPass is a must-have password manager.

With LastPass, you can access your saved passwords, secure notes, and filled forms from your Android, and you can also create new ones that sync to all your devices. The new version of the app ingeniously melds the password manager with a built-in browser, putting the app’s auto-login features at the forefront. Staying safe has never been easier.

There is a free version for one device.

Click here to try LastPass for free.



Final Thoughts

While it’s true that if you’re not careful, your smartphone can become a hindrance to your productivity and thwart progress to your goals.

Spending countless hours scrolling through social media feeds, impulsively checking e-mail at all hours of the day or night, or getting lost in addicting – yet distracting – games are means through which your smartphone can obstruct your growth.

By using your smartphone the smart way and downloading one or more self-improvement apps, you can use it for good and turbocharge your health, self-discipline, and goal-setting power.

These are my chosen top 10 self-help apps but with so many to choose from what do you think should be added to the list of best self improvement apps or self discipline apps to have?

Also, have you considered using self-hypnosis for self-improvement?

Let me know in the comments.


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Top 10 Self Improvement Apps to Own





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