3 Negative Mental Fears Holding You Back From Success

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fears holding you back from success3 Mental Fears Holding You Back From Success


You step on the scale after a week of “dieting” and your weight hasn’t budged;

or you still haven’t paid off that credit card debt from your vacation 2 years ago.

You feel angry, deflated, and seriously consider giving up.

Life can really be unfair and you feel as if you have been singled out to suffer.

You ask: “What is holding me back from achieving my goals?”

After reading this article you will be able to identify the 3 most common fears holding you back from success and what you can do to rectify them.


Generally, when people hit obstacles and ask what’s holding them back from success in life, they go one of two ways…


Route 1: They get knocked down by issues, are frustrated, and start to look for someone else to blame. Sometimes they even blame themselves and give up. These are negative mental habits.

Route 2: They realize there’s a challenge that needs to be overcome, and they get to work on it. Even if it takes 3 times as long as expected, they keep persisting, because they have an underlying belief that they can become better and they can learn from it.


The difference between the 2 routes is explained by:

Having a Fixed Mindset versus a Growth Mindset

There are key differences between a fixed and a growth mindset. Challenge is one of them.


A person with a fixed mindset will shy away from a challenge, often from fear of failure. They may go into hiding to avoid responsibilities.


The growth mindset person is excited by challenges. They find them engaging and a key in learning something valuable from the experiences. They master the challenge and move to greater accomplishments.


Another key difference is in how each faces mistakes and feedback.


A person with a fixed mindset is embarrassed by making mistakes. They blame others or become defensive when criticized.


The growth mindset person sees mistakes as a learning lesson. They are less likely to take criticism personally. They are open to criticism believing it helps improve their ability to do better next time.



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3 Common Fears Holding you Back From Success

#1: You Fear Change

Wouldn’t it be easier if things didn’t change for a while?

Imagine if it was just as easy to eat as much junk as you wanted and never put on weight – as you were able to 10 years ago?

Or what if you weren’t so tempted to spend money on useless gadgets online – instead managing to save money was much easier 15 years ago as there were not the constant consumer temptations we face today.

Or what if there were hardly any competitors for that dream job you want so badly?

The list goes on.

The fact is, however, that change is inevitable. It happens slowly most of the time, but occasionally there is a big change that occurs relatively quickly.

Whatever the change is, those who embrace change as an opportunity for learning and growth… And in particular, those that know that adapting to change with discernment is necessary all be it challenging and uncomfortable at times.

Those people are the ones who succeed the most.

So if you find yourself still asking what’s holding you back in life, I recommend saying this to yourself often:

I embrace change and love learning how to take advantage of new opportunities.

Of course, this does NOT mean you should jump in on every new fad that comes in your path.

It just means that if some change comes into your path that is clearly a long-term one, then it’s time to embrace it and look for the silver lining.

Expecting things to stay the same or not being willing to change is a bad mental habit you will have to work through if you want to succeed.


I Can sign depicting a positive mindset

Sean Quillen@Unsplash


#2: Fear of Not Measuring Up

Whether you compare yourself to others too much, or whether you think you should make fewer mistakes and/or find things easier than you do…

This negative mental habit trap is especially easy to get into.

What’s really key is to focus more on improvement from where you are at than to compare yourself to other people.

Also, it’s really important to be humble and accept where you are truly at, rather than what you think ‘should be’.

If things aren’t going right, it’s not the time to criticize yourself.

It’s time to have a look at where you’d like to improve, and then get to work on improving it.

If someone else is doing better than you, then use them as inspiration.

What is it about what they are doing that you wished you were doing?

Don’t just look at their results, but look at their method. Is there a method of theirs that you can borrow and learn from?

Weaknesses are simply points of opportunity for improvement (or acceptance).

And it’s really important to spend more time feeling grateful for your own strengths than to curse yourself for your weaknesses.


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#3: Your Expectations are Unrealistic

Most people’s expectations are either too fast or too slow.

Those who succeed the most tend to fall in the latter category.

They think it’ll take longer than it actually does.

Which is better than expecting it to happen so fast that you’re desperate if you don’t see results within a short period of time and ultimately give up.

It’s important to realize that whatever goal you are reaching for it’s likely that you’ll take imperfect action.

Yes, you’ll take action, but there will be mistakes along the way.

Things may take time, and transformation can sometimes happen really fast, but most people who do well ride out the setbacks and mistakes and are more persistent than those that don’t.


In Closing

Negative mental habits can be difficult to identify as they are not overtly harmful. They do however hold you back from going all out in pursuit of your goals, however…..

What’s important is to ENJOY the journey you are on… Just as much as the destination that you reach at the end.

If you enjoy the little bits along the way, good and bad, you’ll never get off the road.

And if you’re always on the road, you will reach the destination, sooner or later.

Keep taking action with what you learn.

Pursuing your goals is exciting and life-changing.

Be kind to yourself, be realistic, be patient, and embrace all learning that comes along the way.


PS If you want to learn how to change all your negative mental habits to positive ones I recommend this program.


Do you have any other negative mental habits or fears holding you back from the success and abundance you deserve? Let me know in the comments


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3 Mental Fears Holding You Back From Success






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